The day of the great crypto eruption

Find out why an imminent ‘financial coup’ could send bitcoin on a 6 ,560% surge…

And how you could turn R2,000 into R980,000 from the biggest crypto event of 2017

Dear Reader,

Economists and financial commentators have predicted it for years…

The ‘death’ of old money and the demise of our paper based currencies.

They’ve told us what to look for in order to prepare for it. And how to deal with it if it does happen.

But none of these ‘experts’ have had the foresight to see the significance of November 18th 2017.

I believe this is the day when a global ‘crypto coup’ will be unleashed.

It could be the final nail in the coffin for the US dollar, and ‘old money’ in general.

Only you won’t find a trace of this reported in the financial press.

You won’t even find a hint of it in crypto-currency forums and Bitcoin fanboy forums.

After all, when you’re about to stage a global coup, you don’t broadcast it.

But it’s happening.

It can’t be stopped.

And, if you get up to speed immediately - I mean within the next few days - you could make tremendous investment gains in the months and years ahead.

In fact, I believe this ‘coup’ will become...

A major issue for central banks...precisely because it is bound to weaken their position as exclusive emitters of money.

Rarely do you come across an opportunity of this magnitude...

With potential long term gains of 48,900% in the offing, if you’re smart and make a few discrete money moves, very quickly.

But I mean quick.

This coup is likely to make headlines across the world.

So time is of the essence.

I realize it sounds hyperbolic or far-fetched. But I’m going to show you all the analysis at my disposal today.

I believe...

...you’re about to witness a co-ordinated, digital strike on the old money structures that have ruled the financial world for centuries.

...it will give birth to a system like nothing the world has ever seen before.

...it will be a system that will result in the end of money as you know it.

And I believe it will be a system that will create the ultimate money... a system that CAN NEVER BE BETTERED... EVER.

It’s a system that, if exploited in the right way, now, before the ‘new money’ takeover happens, could result in extraordinary riches.


Crypto Revolution

As a professional investor and IFA, I’ve recommended tech investment opportunities that have opened up gains for investors of 350%, 119%, 47%, 35% and 359%.

As my readers will attest, they have done well from my calls:

“So far, I am up in excess of $100,000” – John wrote in to tell me.

“As of today I'm up $117, 000 profit, the stock is up 1,076 %” – says Jim.

“A profit of $432, 000. Very, very pleased with my investment” – Vince emailed in to say.

But even those enormous profits PALE in comparison to what I think you could make from this ‘new money.’

That’s what makes this such an exciting time for you to dip your toe in this market.

With a stake as small as R500 or R1,000, you can realistically expect your profits to run into tens of thousands of pounds.

Remember, there’s no guarantee you won’t lose it all either. That’s the risk with this explosive opportunity.

But the most amazing thing about the folks who have already made a fortune in ‘new money’, is that they are regular people.

In the most part, you won’t find the names of these ‘new money’ millionaires in the paper or online.

This is one of the most incredible profit-making opportunities of all time. And it isn’t a market for insiders only. Or for the wealthy. Or for Wall Street or City of London traders.

This is an opportunity open to all... providing they have the insight to take advantage of it now.

In the pages that follow, I’ll reveal everything.

I’ll reveal what this ‘new money’ profit opportunity is all about.

The secrets behind the ‘new money’ trend.

And how you can take part, and potentially rack up multi-digit percentage gains – after laying down as little as R1,000 or less.

But before I do, let me introduce myself...

Life’s work.
This is what I was born to do...

My name is Sam Volkering.

I’ve been in the investment business for over a decade. But thanks to my accountant grandfather, I knew what the value of money was when I was 12.

I started out as a financial adviser, helping everyday people manage, invest and grow their wealth.

Since then I’ve advised high net-worth clients on how to invest their wealth. I’m a fully-accredited adviser in shares and options.

But not so long ago I uncovered perhaps the most exciting job in the world, at Southbank Investment Research – which is why I’m writing to you today.

Today, I use all my knowledge and experience to help ordinary folks profit from the most speculative (and potentially lucrative) investments on the market.

Including things like…

  • Driverless Cars…
  • Robotics…
  • Biotech…
  • Clean Energy…

But what I’m about to show you is much more important. It’s my life’s work. My magnum opus.

I will even go so far as to say that everything that follows is what I was born to share with you.

This is that important. And I will share all of it with you shortly.

But before I do, some context. What do I mean when I say the current currency system and money will die?

Well, I mean exactly that.

The money in your pocket.

In your purse or wallet.

The money in your bank account. In your children’s and grandchildren’s bank accounts.

One day it will have value. You’ll be able to save it, and spend it.

But the next day, it will be worthless.

It will have no greater value than any other piece of paper or foldable plastic.

Any coins you own will have some value. But not the value printed on the coin.

The value will be in the base metals used to make those coins.

But even then, the sheer quantity of coins needed to be worth anything will be so great as to be impractical to use.

Besides, even if you could, no one would accept those old coins anyway. They were part of the ‘old money’ system.

In the future – the near future – the ‘new money’ system will have no room for physical coins.

You see, when the current (old money) system dies, the transition to the new system will be like nothing that has gone before.

It will be different from the early ‘bartering’ economies, where primitive people exchanged goods like-for-like, rather than using a medium of exchange like money.

It will be different from the early ‘gift’ economies, where people would receive or provide ‘gifts’, on the understanding that they would provide or receive something of similar value in return at a later time.

It will be different from the early and crude money systems, where people used cattle, shells, grains, and beads.

And it will be different from the gold and silver coin-based systems.

Let me be clear on that. As much as it may disappoint my gold-bug friends, gold and the gold standard are not making a comeback.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a hater when it comes to gold.

I appreciate value as much as any free market-loving gold investor does.

But gold as money. No more.

It used to be money...

But not now.

And not in the future.

I believe the future lies in a different kind of money. One that doesn’t require a physical trinket.

If I can be blunt, gold has only existed as a medium of exchange for thousands of years for one simple reason: the technology hadn’t existed to allow this ‘new money’ to kick gold to the kerb.

But now it’s here, gold’s days are numbered. And so is the current outdated money system.

In short...

This could make cash and gold obsolete

I’ll explain how, why, and when the money system will change forever shortly.

But before I do, I want to be clear that I’m talking about cryptocurrencies.

You may have read about cryptocurrencies or Bitcoin in the press or online.

You may have even overheard conversations in coffee shops, restaurants, or even standing in a bus stop.

I know I have.

But while cryptocurrencies have become the talk of the town, it still astounds me how little people really and truly know about ‘cryptos’.

I’ve invested in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies longer than any other financial professional I know of.

I first bought in when it was selling for just $12.

Back then hardly anyone knew what it was – or what it was supposed to do.

But I could see the potential. And I was not going to let it get away from me.

Look what’s happened since...

Chart 1

Source: Coindesk

As you can see, today it’s selling for more than $7,000 a coin.


But I say: “stuff the past”.

Because here’s where my inside analysis tells me Bitcoin is headed next…

Chart 2

Editor's own analysis
(Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.)

Over the next five to ten years bitcoin could fly past $380k a coin.

That’s a 6,567% vertical lift-off that could make you rich – filthy rich...

The kind of move that would turn just R5,000 into R330,000.

I know that some people think the boat has sailed. They think it's TOO LATE to make life-changing money from this phenomenon.

More fool them!

Because I believe that on November 18th 2017 we could be about to herald a new money system dominated by cryptocurrencies.

Now, many people will miss out on what could be the single biggest wealth explosion in history.

And the reason they’ll miss out is – to me – sickening. They simply won’t be bothered to put R200, R300 or R500 into this market. Just a tiny stake – the kind of money you sink down the pub or on a half-decent meal.

Let me make it crystal clear:

You only need a tiny sum to get a potentially huge payout from this market.

That R500 could make you as much as R50,000. Or you could lose it all. This is the sharpest, most wild edge of the investing frontier. And to get the most out of this, you need to be happy taking that risk.

If so, then as I will show you – the crypto market is the only place in the world that could increase your personal wealth so dramatically.

You don’t need a degree in finance to profit from this.

You don’t need to understand charts, graphs or indexes.

All you need to do is...

Read my new book on cryptocurrencies as fast as you bloody can!

I know the cryptocurrency market inside out.

I’ve even had private meetings with the people who actually make these new, fast-rising digital coins.

In 2014, I was asked to explain on US TV why it was so significant. They turned to me to help them understand what was going on.

Sam V TV

Back then the idea was simply too raw for the mainstream media. Too edgy.

And when I told them this would be bigger than the 90s tech boom... they laughed at me.

They called it a fad. Something that would come and go overnight.

But who’s laughing now?

The gains starting to cascade out of this market are truly mind-bending:

Ethereum: UP 2,515%
Ripple: UP 2,433%
Litecoin: UP 1,498%
Monero: UP 1,253%
Dash: UP 2,789%
Stellar Lumens: UP 1,402%
Xem: UP 5,693%
Doge Coin: UP 378%

19 October 2016 – 19 October 2017

Have you ever seen anything like that?

No one has. And to be clear, not all cryptos have done well. EOS for instance is down 87% since launching in July this year.

And I’ll point out here that you shouldn’t use past performance to predict what will happen next.

But I believe history is about to happen...

18th November 2017: The day your money ‘dies’... and a new money is born.

I doubt if you’ve heard of SegWit2x.

Few have.

I’ve asked around. Most just give me a blank stare. Some think I’m referring to a character in the next Star Wars movie!

That just shows me how clueless most people are about the change to the money system.

So, what’s SegWit2x all about?

This can get complicated, but I want to put it as clearly as possible.

In short, SegWit2x involves a radical attempt to re-engineer the ‘blockchain’. (Again, remember I’m trying to keep this as simple as possible.)

This re-engineering will, in effect, get rid of unnecessary data and increase the block size in an attempt to make transactions flow faster and more smoothly.

Let me put it this way. Before SegWit2x, Bitcoin transactions occurred at around 3-7 transactions a second.

In comparison, transactions on Visa can occur at around 2,000 per second (and can go as high as 56,000 per second if they need to).

So in order for Bitcoin and other cryptos to become widely accepted, transaction speeds need to get to the same kind of level as Visa.

Should they do so, it could be a proverbial game-changer. That’s what SegWit2x is trying to achieve. It’s the first step to that future.

Of course SegWit2X isn't the only way forward for bitcoin – it's an experiment that may work. Or it may not. But even if it doesn't, the other 'fork' of bitcoin could continue to maintain strength.

The transition from ‘old money’ to ‘new money’ won’t happen overnight and whatever the outcome of the SegWit2X fork, I'm still of the view that long term bitcoin has incredible, world changing potential to mint crypto fortunes.

Also I’m not saying that it will happen on the stroke of midnight on 18th November this year.

What I am saying is that the crypto world has begun what I believe is an unstoppable movement towards setting up a radical new money system.

And that reaches a pivotal junction in just a few weeks from now.

Can you imagine a system free from the meddling of government?

A system free from central bank manipulation.

A system where individuals and the market determine the value of money – not some stiff-necked, pin-striped fools sat in offices in Washington DC, London, or Sydney.

This is truly revolutionary.

And the SegWit2x initiative on 18th November could be the next major step in the revolution.

This is why it’s important for individuals to begin moving at least some of their wealth away from ‘old money’ and into the ‘new money’ of cryptos.

By no means do I mean that folks should ditch all their cash in favour of cryptos.

After all, despite the increased popularity, ‘old’ cash still has a wider reaching utility than cryptos – for now.

You still need cash to pay the mortgage or rent.

You’ll still need cash to buy a car, or pay for your groceries.

And there aren’t too many coffee shops or pizza places that take payment in Bitcoin – yet.

That said, it’s changing fast.

However, as excited as I am about the crypto opportunity, it’s still a relatively fledging market. And while I believe the death of the ‘old money’ system will begin imminently, it could take time to fully play out.

Besides, look at the gains I’ve shown you. You don’t need to put a stack of cash in cryptos in order to reap the potential gains.

A small grub-stake of R1,000, R5,000, or R7,500, if this all plays out as I expect, could be more than enough to help you snag a terrific long term profit. Just make sure you’re punting money you can afford to lose.

Because this ‘crypto ascension’ is happening before our eyes...

So let’s look at DASH, one of the best emerging cryptocurrencies on the market.

In January 2016 it was virtually unknown...

Chart 3

Source: Coinmarketcap.com

It went from $11 at the start of January, all the way to $313 – that’s a 2,745% gain.

If you put just R1,000 into this... you could have turned it into over R27,450 (not including a small currency conversion rate) in half a year.

Today it is the world’s sixth largest cryptocurrency. That’s how fast this market can move – and how quickly the gains can stack up – if you have the nouse to invest now.

Or let’s look at Ripple... over the 12 months to September it has climbed 2,437%:

Chart 4

Source: Coinmarketcap.com

Over the last year, it beat out 99.9% of stocks, delivering a near FORTY-bagger!

As you can see, my point about volatility is real. The highs are outrageous. But you need to have a strong stomach for the dips, too!

And not every coin in this market is going to fly, obviously. Some of these cryptos can tank just as fast as they soar.

For example, take Storj, a new crypto that was thousands of percentage points up in price a few months after its launch, and has now dipped way back down. Those kinds of swings require a strong stomach.

Storj may well finish the year back in high gains… or it may fall even further.

My point is, you need to be selective and to have someone who knows the market show you what to grab a stake in – and what to avoid.

That’s why I wrote my new book and why I’m offering a way for you to get it today at no cost – right now!

I’ll point out again that past performance is not a reliable way to judge what’s ahead. You couldn’t have gotten in on all of these winners without encountering some losers – of course. You should only risk money you can afford to lose too.

And some of these coins can go bust. That’s why you need someone to show you what to look for and to scout the ones with the odds stacked in their favour.

All that said, what the large gains coming out of this market DO show you is:

This industry is ON FIRE.

The market itself climbed from a value of $30bn in April 2017...

To $100bn by June!

This is an eruption.

Chart 5

Editor’s own analysis
(Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.)

Even if the market ‘only’ grows at its current rate over the next five years, it will soar to a value of $360bn!

That is why I have written my new book – Crypto Revolution… to show you how to latch on to this new mega-trend. And that is why I have arranged to hand you a FREE copy.

Because, incredibly...

The man on the street still knows almost nothing about it!

Ask your average punter and they’ve probably never heard of bitcoin... and certainly have no idea how to make money from it yet.

But that is about to change. FAST.

Cryptos (as I call ‘em) are going mainstream!

Let me show you:

First off, Hargreaves Lansdown – one of the most popular brokers in the UK are now offering a way for their clients to invest in bitcoin.

This shows you that this market is becoming something the everyday investor is starting to wake up to.

Secondly, the Royal Mint is developing its own crypto trading platform to sell a new product: Royal Mint Digital Gold.

This is a 1,000 year-old institution that ISSUES OUR MONEY! They can see that cryptos are the next big thing in global currency. And they are getting involved as fast as they can.

Next up could be the biggest ‘tipping point’ for cryptos of all...

According to recent reports, one of the biggest retailers in the world – AMAZON.COM – is under significant pressure to soon start accepting cryptos as payment.

With more than 1.3 billion transactions per day – when Amazon ‘goes crypto’, it could trigger enormous up-moves in the price of bitcoin and other major coins.

Keep in mind, all you need is a small sum of money to get into this boom... the profit-hungry crowd are going to soon put two-and-two together very soon and RUSH into this.

Just like they did with tech stocks in the early 90s… and then internet stocks in the early 00s...

Some of the smartest investors, speculators and most powerful people in finance are switching on to this upsurge – FAST:

  • “The conditions are ripe [for digital currencies].” – Fan Yifei, deputy governor at the People’s Bank of China
  • “Cryptocurrencies are the smartest speculation in the world today… your best chance of turning pocket change into a huge windfall.” – Former fund manager Teeka Tiwari
  • “Bitcoin is better than currency.” – Bill Gates

Connect the dots... follow the smart money... and a very clear picture emerges... these great investing minds are pouring money into the cryptocurrency market... positioning themselves for a windfall...

Every single day that goes by, more news comes out that looks set to explode the crypto landscape...

  • Billionaire hedge fund investor Mike Novogratz holds 10% of his personal wealth in two cryptocurrencies. That’s more than $100m.
  • Peter Thiel – cofounder of PayPal – has invested $2m in crypto payment systems.
  • “Due to popular demand” Goldman Sachs is now offering market analysis on bitcoin… with major hedge funds now starting to quietly trade this rocketing new asset class.

This is an avalanche of personal investment and resources by – frankly – a bunch of money hungry individuals and institutions.

For investors, this is a flashing neon sign that screams BUY IN NOW!

Crypto Revolution

Get yourself in the game – pronto!

That’s why I have written “CRYPTO REVOLUTION” in simple, plain English...

To show you how to profit from this blistering new asset class – URGENTLY.


I believe the real, life-changing
money is YET to be made

As $50m crypto entrepreneur Roger Ver says:

“Bitcoin is the most important invention in the history of the world since the Internet.”

It’s no coincidence Ver calls back to the internet revolution as a comparison to what's going on today.

In the early 90s the internet changed everything about our daily lives...

And internet-based companies made small-time investors flat out rich… with firms like Google, eBay and Amazon pumping out ten-bagger returns and beyond.

Chart 6

Source: Stockcharts


Source: Stockcharts
Past performance and forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results. For full five year performance history, please refer to the five year performance tables, in the footer.

Chart 8

Source: Stockcharts

I don’t know if you were smart enough (or simply lucky enough) to reap profits from that bull market.

Probably not.

You probably cottoned on to it way too late... and missed out as better-informed investors made enough money to retire on.

But I promise you this:

You are not going to miss out on THIS coming market explosion.

I won’t let you!

The only reason you haven’t ALREADY made a packet from cryptocurrencies is:

Crypto Revolution

No-one has shown you how.

Screw that!

In my new book, “Crypto Revolution” – I show you exactly what to do.

And when you get your copy today open it, read it – and you will discover practical things like...

How to set up your ‘crypto wallet’

How to buy, sell and store your cryptos safely – using your home computer or smartphone

Which 10 cryptos you should never even consider buying

I’ll also reveal the unstoppable forces set to push the price of cryptocurrencies even higher:

Why China and Putin are going ‘all in’ on cryptos

Why the next financial crisis could mint a wave of crypto-millionaires

Why increasing financial controls all over the world will see the crypto network grow exponentially over the coming ten years

I have written this book for you – someone who wants to hit the ground running. And it’s a very easy read – no jargon at all.

I write in plain English because I want to be 100% sure you understand the enormous scale of this rare opportunity.

And it is jaw-dropping!

EIGHTY times more lucrative
than small cap stocks!

I don’t know how familiar you are with the investment world.

But five or ten years ago, everyone was going bananas for small caps.

These small companies – or ‘penny stocks’ – were known as ‘flyers’ because they had the capacity to shoot up in price very high and very fast.

And until very recently they were the only way for an ordinary person with a bit of spare cash to make the sort of profits usually reserved for City traders.

But here’s the thing...

Cryptos blow small caps out of the water.

That’s not hyperbole. Just a plain old fact.

Take a look:

Chart 9

Editor’s own analysis
Data from: Coin market cap website, Yahoo Finance, LBMA daily and UK investing website

Cryptos absolutely smash small caps into the dirt!

And looking at the wider market – it’s the same story. Cryptos have outperformed any market you can name!

Chart 10

Editor’s own analysis
Data from: Coin market cap website, Yahoo Finance, LBMA daily and UK investing website

Now, this is just a snapshot of what’s going on. It’s fair to say that cryptos are so new and in such a state of eruption that it’s impossible to make a like-for-like comparison with any other asset class.

Small caps, FTSE stocks, bluechips all have to go through regulations and jump through hoops that cryptos don’t.

But – any way you look at it – as long as you were willing to take on the risks, putting a small sum in cryptos would have been more rewarding than any other decision you could have taken with your money over the last 12 months.

Crypto Revolution

This is for the man on the street who wants the chance to turn pocket change into a meaningful amount of money.

You don’t need to know ANYTHING about the stock market or need any special skills to profit from this phenomenon.

Anyone who has access to the internet...

Anyone who can spare a small sum (even just R500) to put into this...

Anyone who is intrigued by this boom and just wants a way to get started...

CAN make a huge profit from this erupting market by reading “Crypto Revolution”.

But first, I want to cover a very important point – because I want you to take a ‘know everything’ approach.

Is it risky?

Yes. But maybe not in the way you think...

No doubt this market is inherently volatile. Some cryptos have been known to go bust altogether.

To be fair, that can happen if you invest in a bad small or microcap company on the stock market too. It’s a risk inherent to investing – you have to only stake money you can afford to lose for that very reason.

It’s a new and exciting phenomenon.

The cryptocurrency market is totally different. It’s for the man on the street. It allows “the little guy” to make the kind of money usually reserved for City investors or Wall Street “insiders”.

Almost anyone can stake R1,000 or R2,000 in a crypto opportunity... as long as it’s money they’re not worried about losing... they can move the needle on their wealth massively in one hit.

If you lose R500 or R1,000 I doubt you will lose much sleep over it. As long as you are comfortable with the risk – fill your boots.

I believe two big risks are taken away right off the bat if you take my lead:

  1. I advise you just stake pocket change in this opportunity. Just R300-R500 to get started.
  2. My offer of a free book gives you a greater understanding of the crypto landscape... including practical information about buying your cryptos on trusted platforms AND how to set up an offline wallet to keep your holdings as secure as possible.

In my view, that makes this as pure and exciting an opportunity as I’ve ever seen.

And early movers are snapping up the chance to claim the huge profits on the table...


$1.1m profit in just five years

The beauty of the crypto market is two-fold:

First off, if you want to raid this market for big, fast gains – you CAN. Just look at these price rises – all within the last 12 months alone:

Expanse – 435%
Aeon – 3,005%
BitBay – 4,079%
CureCoin – 338%
Burst – 633%
Viacoin – 2,380%
CloakCoin – 9,923%

19 October 2016 – 19 October 2017

Look – past performance isn’t a reliable indicator of future results.

Clocking up gains like these in 12 months is all well and good. You could do fantastically well out of approaching the market that way. Sure, during that time you will see the value of these individual coins spike up, fall down, spike up, rinse and repeat... but the overall gains for those that have the nerve to hold on can be astounding. Potentially life-changing.

But if you want to buy and hold cryptos for the longer term... well, I think that’s where the real life-changing money can be made.

Some of the gains banked from this market have redefined what anyone thought was even POSSIBLE when it comes to making money from investing...

One crypto investor – Kristoffer Koch – has turned $27 into $886,000 over five years.

Or take the TEENAGE bitcoin millionaire Erik Finman, who used a $1,000 birthday gift from his grandmother, to buy 403 bitcoins in 2012. His stake is now worth $1.1m!

Or there’s professional investor Tom Dyson, who made $500,000 from cryptocurrencies in just 13 months.

And take a look at this...

In May of this year, I found one very happy chap who posted his crypto gains on the popular web forum reddit:

Chart 11

Source: Reddit
(Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results)

What you are looking at is a freshly minted crypto millionaire. I don’t know how much this chap invested… but as I keep saying, it takes only a small stake to reap a potentially huge rewards in this market. And it could happen to you just like it happened for him. These are what I call “Coin Kings”. Some have experience in investing and some have none at all. It doesn't matter. They are looking to make more money in the span of a few years than they ever thought they'd see in a lifetime.

And you can join them.

You will see in your FREE book that soaring price rises like these have been triggered by the convergence of powerful forces... forces that have NEVER occurred before – all at once - in the history of finance.

A perfect storm has aligned to send these digital currencies through the roof.

And these forces are intensifying to push the price of bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies bubbling under the surface into true ‘millionaire making’ territory.

This is an unstoppable and irreversible phenomenon.

You can decide for yourself if you want to be part of it now. In two months. Or next year.

But I must warn you: some people will WANT to get in and simply do nothing about it. They will go against their instincts and simply watch on.

Boy, do I hope that’s not you!

Because investing in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies right now is the best chance anyone has EVER had to turn as little as R500 into a vast personal fortune.

This is like having the chance to stake money in railways at the turn of the nineteenth century...

The motorcar at the turn of the twentieth century...

Or internet stocks at the turn of the twentieth century...

Only bigger. And you are lucky enough that it’s happening now – in your lifetime!

Do not let it pass you by.

If you do, I believe you will rue it for the rest of your life. You’ll always be the guy who sat it out and watched everyone else pop the champagne.

Crypto Revolution

Don’t condemn yourself to a lifetime of regret – especially when...

You only need a tiny stake to mint a potential fortune from cryptos

It’s even easier than buying and selling stocks online

Everything you need to know is in my new book and it could be yours for FREE today

You read that right; I’m so passionate about getting this book in your hands as soon as possible...

I’m doing something very unusual – maybe even crazy!

I don’t want you to pay me ANY money for this book!

Today, it could be yours – FREE.

Yes, it’s taken me hundreds of hours in research and analysis to put together.

Yes, I’ve travelled to three continents to speak directly to the men and women developing these new coins...

And, yes, inside on each and every page I share valuable investment research I could easily charge over R10,000 for... (in fact one of Fleet Street's elite investment services costs R1,500 a year!)...

But I do not want a cent for it.

Frankly, I’m not interested in pennies, pounds, dollars or any other old currency you can name.

That’s history. The only ‘coin’ I’m interested in are crypto-coins. And you should be too…

Because they are capable of making you profits like these:

Counterparty – 116%
Nexus – 146%
NAV Coin – 1,679%
Stellar Lumens – 1,402%
PivX 92,960%

19 Oct 2016 – 19 Oct 2017

As I have said before this industry is new and a lot of coins could flare up hot and die just as quick. Take Potcoin for example – by June this year it was up over 16,000% over the year!

But now? If you decided to hold onto it through these impressive gains, you’d have lost money.

Before I go on, let me speak plainly...

Because I need to be 100% certain we’re on the same page before I continue... and I do not want to waste your time or mine.

Frankly, if you’re not already drooling at the profits cascading out of the cryptocurrency market right now...

And if you don’t want to take a risk for the chance to make some of these enormous profits for yourself...

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In your free book, I’d like to introduce you to one crypto in particular that could be the biggest gainer of any crypto currently on the market.

Described as “the bitcoin for the business world”, the entire corporate sphere lays before it as a potential mega-market…a super-industry that gets opened up just once or twice in a generation.

And its early adopters count among the largest and richest names in finance and industry…

Intel is in. Microsoft is in.

JP Morgan, BNY Mellon, ING, Thomson Reuters, Credit Suisse, BP and Santander are all in.

It has the capacity to revolutionise everything from financial transactions… to land and property registration… to the fulfilment of business contracts.

In early May news broke about a development for this crypto that could prove a tipping point… an avalanche moment in its history…

The Chinese Royal Mint is exploring the use of this tech in creating a new NATIONAL digital currency.

And the Russian financial authorities are considering using this tech to run its entire banking system!

Ultimately, given its almost unlimited scope to revolutionise the corporate and financial world, it could return you R480,900 for every R1,000 you stake.

My analysis indicates this particular crypto could have more potential than practically any other on the market right now. In my book, I reveal everything about why this crypto could deliver you a life-changing return.

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Crypto Revolution

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Crypto Revolution

Video 2: What you need to know about cryptocurrency exchanges

The second video in this special series runs you through everything you need to know about crypto-currency exchanges – so that you are familiar with the layout, terminology and know what to look for every time you log on.

Video 3: How to buy your cryptocurrency on Coinbase

In this video I guide you through the steps you need to take to buy ‘cryptos’ through Coinbase – one of the major and best trusted exchanges. As you will see, it’s very simple and very fast. Pretty soon, you’ll be up to speed and ready to buy and sell your cryptos.

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Like I said earlier, you need to know how to navigate through this wild market.

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This could end up saving you a lot of money and keep you focused only on the currencies with the highest money making potential.

If you’ve read this far, I know you are ambitious and you want the chance to make a serious amount of money.

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TWO powerful forces set to mint a NEW wave of crypto millionaires!

There are two powerful forces coming together at once to drive cryptos higher and higher.

And I believe over the next few years... this period of ‘hyper-growth’ is going to astonish everyone...

But not you.

Look, the full story is in my book (yours at no cost today) but let me quickly run you through why cryptos are on the verge of an historic rise in value.



Despite its searing growth over the last three years, cryptocurrencies represent not even 2% of the global currency market:

Chart 5

Source: News BTC and Coin market cap website

This is STILL the ground floor!

For you to make a fortune, it doesn’t have to capture 50%, 30% or even 10% of the market.

Even if it captured just FIVE per cent... the crypto market could explode by over 5,000%.

That move would be like turning R5k into R250k.

With the possibility of such steep growth ahead...

The number of people using bitcoin is on a sensational growth curve.

According to blockchain.info, there are over 17 million bitcoin wallets in use. Just three years ago that figure was less than a million.

This is exponential growth.

And for anyone worried that the market is growing TOO fast, too rampantly...

As internet pioneer John McAfee, who is investing millions in cryptos himself, said recently...


Some of these coins may crash and burn along the way. But just like the tech boom of the late 90s, giants will emerge. The Google, Amazon and

Adobe of the crypto-sphere will rise. And my goal in my book is to help you spot these future ‘giga coins’... coins capable of climbing thousands of percentage points in price.

The winds behind bitcoin and the crypto-market are strong – and on 4 May, for the first time in history, more than $1bn bitcoins were traded in a 24-hour period.

With that kind of explosive volume increase, some analysts are predicting all-time-record growth for bitcoin:

Jeremy Liew, famous for being one of the first investors in $25bn tech superstar Snapchat, believes bitcoin is about to go through a rampant phase of hyper-growth.

He estimates the growth of the bitcoin network will grow to 400 million users by 2030… and for the price of ONE bitcoin to hit $500,000.

That would be nearly 8,750% higher than where it sits today.

Other investors see it racing even HIGHER.

Financial analyst Rick Falkvinge says that if bitcoin takes as much as 10% of the transactional currency market… one bitcoin could hit $1m.

But could even that sensational climb be a modest estimate?

Crypto guru Trace Mayer thinks so. He believes that a single bitcoin’s long-term price could end up closer to $2.8m!

Do not risk missing out on what could be a gigantic fortune-making event for you PERSONALLY.

Pick up your Crypto Wealth Package. Use my book and Joshua Benton's The South African Investor help you profit from it!

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Because bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are kicking open the doors on an ENTIRELY NEW financial system:


Let’s call 2016 “the year of worry”.

Global political events created a “perfect storm era” for cryptos.

Let’s run our minds back over what happened last year:

  • The South African Rand crashed after Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan was fired 
  • Britain became the first member of the EU to vote to leave – sending the value of sterling to 30-year lows.
  • The Venezuelan government deflated its currency and removed HALF of all paper money from circulation.
  • The Indian prime minister – Narendra Modi – went even further and banned 86% of the notes in circulation OVERNIGHT.
  • The global “war on cash” has seen money re-strictions sweep Europe, with France, Italy and Germany banning transactions over 1,000 euros in paper money.
  • The Chinese government deflated its currency even further – sending investors flocking into gold, property and…

Cryptocurrencies, en masse.

Political uncertainty and extreme monetary devaluing has sent investors fleeing into alternative assets.

They are looking for a way to escape the financial system and wave of wealth repression going on.

And they’ve found one. Big time.

This is the beginning of a unique and never-to-be-repeated moment in history... a mass movement OUT of traditional money and INTO cryptos.

In November 2016, when China tightened its strangle-hold on capital outflows in – there was a surge in bitcoin buying. It was up more than 140%.

Coinciding with these crackdowns, crypto-coins Monero and CloakCoin had climbed 436% and 560% respectively.

As Leonid Bershidsky wrote on bloomberg.com:

Bitcoin is an escapist safe haven… Speculators are driving up the value of the cryptocurrency because, for the first time in its history, it's looking like a reliable safe haven investment.”

When Brexit sent the pound plummeting, the “scared money” poured into cryptos.

BitCrystals soared as high as 591% within three months.

NAV Coin was catapulted 1,038% in just two and a half months following the Brexit vote.

Again, let me note that past performance isn’t a reliable way to anticipate what’s to come.

I do find this apparent trend of political and financial instability triggering a flight into cryptocurrencies extremely compelling.

This alternative and independent financial system cannot be stopped.

Because in times of crisis, cryptos are exactly what people are looking for. They are:

  • Private: you can transfer money in total anonymity
  • Safe: your money can’t be tracked by centralised government powers
  • Freely moveable: you can move your money freely across borders
  • Convenient: all you need is a mobile phone or computer to transfer your funds

I don’t know what you think about the rise of alternative currencies. Maybe you’ll never use one yourself. Maybe you think it’s great. Frankly, it doesn’t matter! This is an unstoppable wave that you could profit from. That’s my focus here today as an investment analyst.

And in 2017, history is repeating itself... with powerful forces converging all over the globe pushing people into cryptos:

  • EUROPE: as reported in The Wall Street Journal, there are plans in place for the European Central Bank to eliminate the 500 euro note – the continent’s most popular bill. All printing of the note will cease by the end of 2018. If you connect the dots, your heart should be racing...

Look what happened to cryptos when India and Venezuela banned the majority of their paper currency – they exploded.

Given that the EU economy is EIGHT times larger than India’s... and 32 times larger than Venezuela’s... as this plan unfolds, the cryptocur-rency gains could DWARF what we have seen up to this point.

  • LATIN AMERICA: Argentina, Venezuela and Brazil are mired in financial problems. And – as reported by TechCrunch – people “are turning to bitcoin as a solution, and the recent crises seem only to have accelerated adoption”. In 2015 alone, transactions through crypto payment processor BitPay soared over 1,700%. The smaller cryptos emerging could see a huge bump in price on the back of this flight from traditional cash.
  • CHINA: the communist government in Beijing re-cently announced a new wave of capital crack-downs…

As these events get underway, we could see the same sort of crypto price explosions all over again in the coming months.

Join the dots and the picture reveals itself…

For the first time in history, people have a viable, alternative financial system they can turn to in times of trouble. And there is a hell of a lot of trouble in the world today.

That’s the opportunity, in a nutshell, staring you in the face.

This is a never-to-be-repeated moment in history. A global transition from old money to new.

You’ve got to be looking at this situation and absolutely drooling right now.

On the back of these factors, some very well respected financial pros are forecasting giant climbs for bitcoin in the years ahead.

Aurelien Menant, CEO of Gatecoin, a regulated cryptocurrency exchange, said bitcoin could hit $6,000 by the end of 2017:


Kay Van-Paterson, an analyst who correctly predicted bitcoin would hit a price of $2,000... is now predicting it could be headed for $100,000 a coin!

Look - whether the price of bitcoin hits $10,000, $100,000 or even $1,000,000 – no one can say for certain.

But unless you get in NOW – you could be counting yourself OUT of the biggest, most thrilling rush of ’first-through-the-door’ gains.

Don’t let it happen.

Get my book – “Crypto Revolution: Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and The Future of Money” - for free now and I’ll show you how I think you can capitalise:


Sure, this isn’t the ONLY time you’ll be able to invest in cryptos. Not at all.

There will be hundreds of ways to profit as this market matures. You can invest next year, the year after, even five years down the line. Even in a decade this opportunity will STILL be growing.

But now is quite simply the BEST time.

Never again will this moment in history occur. Just like never again will the world rush to adopt personal computers. Never again will Apple release the first iPod. Never again will the internet spread across the world so feverishly.

Never again will the world first adopt cryptocurrencies.

If you want to make the most possible money from this crypto revolution – this is it. The time is now. And it will NEVER be repeated.

Just a small stake in one of these exploding cryptos could redefine all of your expectations about your future wealth.

It’s a paradise for punters with a small amount of capital to spare!


This could be your chance to get flat-out, filthy rich – don’t blow it!

You’re alive at a moment in time that we’ll likely never see again.

And today is the day you have to make a choice.

It’s a simple choice. And it’s a choice you’ll never get again.

Choice 1:

Claim your free book, and your complimentary crypto wealth package immediately. Read it all, word-by-word, line-by-line, chapter by chapter. Maybe even read it a few times to understand it all.

And by the end of it be prepared, armed, educated on the enormous crypto opportunity at your feet. A life-changing one.

Choice 2:

Walk away. Do nothing. Try and forget everything you have read today. Put the idea of anything to do with cryptos aside. But in doing so, you risk regretting your decision for the rest of your life.

Because I believe you WILL see these cryptos flying up even higher in price...

You WILL see bitcoin become a major global currency and climb to $350k a coin – and beyond.

And you WILL know that you let a measly R99.95 stand between you and making a potential fortune from it.

Could you stomach that?

Could you live with yourself?

I know I couldn’t!

I have given you everything I can to show you how to profit from this.

I’ve given you a copy of my new crypto book for free.

I’ve given you valuable research on the crypto market for free.

And I’ve given you a 30-day trial to what I think is the single best entry-level investment newsletter in South Africa – for free.

The next step is yours. Take your financial destiny into your own hands.

You are not going to let R99.95 stand in the way of a potential life-changing fortune!

Raid this soaring crypto market...

And fill your bloody boots!

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Sam Volkering


Author of “Crypto Revolution”

PS. If this crypto eruption is as powerful and unrelenting as I believe, you have every right to picture the scenario below...

Fast forward...

It’s five years from now.

You’re buying a new home.

You’re not getting a mortgage.

You’re not borrowing any money.

You’re not using your life savings.

Instead, you are paying for your six-bedroom townhouse outright...

With bitcoin.

EACH bitcoin you possess is worth £350,000.

And all this is happening just five years from today...

The day you read the book that changed your financial life forever...


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